… wherever there is a flow of money in a society, the financiers try to get a “piece of the action”. They’ve already got a lot of it locked down – the banks, industry, the military etc. The biggest plum is still just out of their reach, and that is Social Security. Privatization is just another word for monetary rape.
The military serves a dual purpose. Like all other financial systems, it seeks to transfer vast sums of money from the many to the few. But unlike all other systems, it has one unique property – it produces nothing of value. It takes great gobs of money, and literally “blows it out it’s ass” – nothing that provides any return to the vast, unwashed, masses who pay for it all. No infrastructural improvements  – transportation etc, no educational bennies, no health improvements, etc. Basically, the military takes our resources – human, material, & money – and simply blows it all up. NO RETURN TO THE SOCIETY THAT PAYS FOR IT! And so long as we keep intentionally making wars, there’ll be no market saturation … ever.

The Corporation is the Ultimate Psychopath

The Corporation is the Ultimate Psychopath

While the corp gains ever greater rights that are a “given” for natural persons, it lacks all but one of the restraints that society imposes on human existence … and that one is commonly known as “greed”. For the corp we call it the bottom line. And it’s not just your plain old human, garden-variety greed, it’s insatiable. It absolutely demands growth.

Deep Stupidity Syndrome

Deep Stupidity Syndrome (DSS – pronounced “diss”)


How could they be so stupid? (HCTBSS)

I realized the concept in the Autumn of 2012 when Microsoft was three months away from releasing Win 8 to the public. MS had called their new interface “Metro”. But, unbeknownst to MS, a German company held the rights to the name, and MS was left without a name for their newest GUI. How many lawyers work for MS? HCTBSS?

Today Volkswagen is in DSS.  HCTBSS?

The problem is far worse than these most egregious examples as DSS now permeates every aspect of human existence. The corp world, the political world, the military world, the religious world, et al.



Former Apple designers say the company has lost ‘the fundamental principles of good design’

How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name

This is not a rant re Apple vs MS.


Designing with Contrast
Mark Mitchell

13 December 2015

When an appetite for aesthetics over usability becomes the bellwether of user interface design, it’s time to reconsider who we’re designing for.

Over the last few years, we have questioned the signifiers that gave obvious meaning to the function of interface elements. Strong textures, deep shadows, gradients — imitations of physical objects — were discarded. And many, rightfully so. Our audiences are now more comfortable with an experience that feels native to the technology, so we should respond in kind.

Yet not all of the changes have benefitted users. Our efforts to simplify brought with them a trend of ultra-minimalism where aesthetics have taken priority over legibility, accessibility and discoverability. The trend shows no sign of losing popularity — and it is harming our experience of digital content.





Normalization of Deviance

“Social normalization of deviance means that people within the organization become so much accustomed to a deviant behavior that they don’t consider it as deviant, despite the fact that they far exceed their own rules for the elementary safety. People grow more accustomed to the deviant behavior the more it occurs. To people outside of the organization, the activities seem deviant; however, people within the organization do not recognize the deviance because it is seen as a normal occurrence. In hindsight, people within the organization realize that their seemingly normal behavior was deviant.





Suppose you had a bunch of entropic, quantum-vacuum space … and another, equal volume of space, in which there was no quantum-vacuum.

QS Quantum Space
QV Quantum Vacuum
QM Quantum Mass

The energy required to displace QS is equal to the energy that was contained in what is now a void.

The displaced space, which is now known as mass, vibrates in several ways as the pulse of energy, that is rotating about it’s axis and that was the internal QS, causes the mass to increase and decrease it’s volume at near relativistic speeds. Simultaneously, this pulse may have various local surface currents that precisely define the nature of the mass.

The mass is causing waves to propagate into QS, whose field diminishes with the inverse square of distance from the surface. Think of a moth fluttering it’s wings on the surface of a pond. If there are two moths fluttering, and they are in some certain proximity to each other, their individual wave patterns will overlap. The resultant is that the compression of QS is less on a line connecting their centers than all other directions, then the two moths will be displaced toward each other … aka Gravity.