… wherever there is a flow of money in a society, the financiers try to get a “piece of the action”. They’ve already got a lot of it locked down – the banks, industry, the military etc. The biggest plum is still just out of their reach, and that is Social Security. Privatization is just another word for monetary rape.
The military serves a dual purpose. Like all other financial systems, it seeks to transfer vast sums of money from the many to the few. But unlike all other systems, it has one unique property – it produces nothing of value. It takes great gobs of money, and literally “blows it out it’s ass” – nothing that provides any return to the vast, unwashed, masses who pay for it all. No infrastructural improvements  – transportation etc, no educational bennies, no health improvements, etc. Basically, the military takes our resources – human, material, & money – and simply blows it all up. NO RETURN TO THE SOCIETY THAT PAYS FOR IT! And so long as we keep intentionally making wars, there’ll be no market saturation … ever.

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