Suppose you had a bunch of entropic, quantum-vacuum space … and another, equal volume of space, in which there was no quantum-vacuum.

QS Quantum Space
QV Quantum Vacuum
QM Quantum Mass

The energy required to displace QS is equal to the energy that was contained in what is now a void.

The displaced space, which is now known as mass, vibrates in several ways as the pulse of energy, that is rotating about it’s axis and that was the internal QS, causes the mass to increase and decrease it’s volume at near relativistic speeds. Simultaneously, this pulse may have various local surface currents that precisely define the nature of the mass.

The mass is causing waves to propagate into QS, whose field diminishes with the inverse square of distance from the surface. Think of a moth fluttering it’s wings on the surface of a pond. If there are two moths fluttering, and they are in some certain proximity to each other, their individual wave patterns will overlap. The resultant is that the compression of QS is less on a line connecting their centers than all other directions, then the two moths will be displaced toward each other … aka Gravity.


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